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NEW!! Book on Rolls- Royce in St Margaret's, Kingsdown and Dover

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St Margarets History Sociiety has just published its first book

 When Rolls and Royce Made History on Dover’s White Cliffs- by Paul Tritton  £12.99 plus P&P ( see below)

This has been published by St Margarets’s History Society with the aid of grants from the Nicky and Eileen Barber Trust and the Kent Archaeological Society.

The book is about four remarkable men, Charles Rolls and Henry Royce the co- founders of Rolls -Royce, Claude Johnson, the first Managing Director of the company and Viscount Northcliffe, national newspaper magnate and Rolls- Royce publicist and their association with this part of the world, especially our village and Kingsdown.

Rolls made a historic flight from Swingate in 1910, the first to cross the channel both ways. He also attended one of the first car shows in the UK, held at Crabble Athletic Ground at Dover. Royce has the major St Margaret’s Connection, having lived here with his nurse companion Ethel Aubin from 1913-17 in a house in Granville Road.

It was here that at the outbreak of war he designed the first R-R aero engine, the Eagle engine, the grandad of the WW2 Merlin engine which powered Spitfires and Hurricanes and the Lancaster bomber in an office overlooking the channel. Quite an important claim to fame for the village!

Living close by was Johnson, in a large house near the Kingsdown golf course, easily walkable to Royce’s house. Apart from running Rolls- Royce he was a major patron of the arts and had weekend house parties which were notable for celebrity guests like Rudyard Kipling and Dame Nellie Melba, who were transported down in a private Pullman coach attached to the Charing Cross train, then collected by a new Rolls- Royce car from Deal or Martin Mill station.

Paul Tritton has gathered together over 120 photos for the book and published much new material  from private  and public collections.

It’s a great read for anyone interested in early motoring, early flying or local history.

Launch Price £12.99 plus £3.50 for P&P for UK delivery

Contact us at to order a copy

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